The Everli recruiting process

The Everli recruiting process

Are you looking for
a new job?

Are you looking for a new job?

Hello there!

If you landed here, that’s probably because you’re looking for a new job or maybe you’re simply curious about Everli and our recruiting process.

If so, then you are in the right place!

At Everli, we really value being Open and Transparent in our communication, so we want to give you all the information you may need before starting your candidate journey.

Who are we looking for?

We look for talented, smart and nice people to work with.

We look for people who want to have a positive impact in the life of millions of others, challenge themselves every day all through the means of technology. 

We look for people who don’t get discouraged when something is difficult, who take ownership of problems and find joy when a solution is found.

We look for people who really want to go far together, be curious, eager to learn and are always ready for a joke!

How our recruiting process works

Our process may slightly differ according to the specific role. But the following steps should give you quite a good overview. The average length of our process from a candidate’s first application to the final offer is 5 weeks.

We promote an inclusive work environment as we believe that diversity, just like in a grocery store, is richness. We continuously commit ourselves to give our candidates a bias-free recruitment process.

Duration: 1-2 weeks
What: All the applications we receive are collected into our ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Our HR recruiters and hiring managers screen new candidates weekly: if they see a potential fit, they will contact you via email or phone call, sharing additional information regarding the position you have applied for and the recruiting process. Usually, we may ask you to schedule a first interview with our HR recruiters, to get to know each other before investing your time in the next steps of the process.

Duration: 1 week
What: For some specific positions, we may ask you to solve a simple assignment to assess the hard skills required for the role. It could be a coding exercise, a business case or other analytical tasks. Anyway, in order to respect candidates’ (unpaid) time, we are not asking you to solve big and complex problems: usually, completing the assignment takes from 2-4 hours of time.

Duration: 1 week
Time required: 1 hour
What: You will have your first video call with the hiring manager, who is the person responsible to make the final hiring decision (usually, your future manager).
The primary goal of this interview is to check if you have the hard skills and experience required for the role. If you completed a task or challenge before this step, we may start the interview reviewing what you have submitted. Other than that, we can ask you additional questions to check your fit with our company’s culture, your communication skills, motivation for a change and so on.
Pro tip: As hiring managers are the ones responsible for the position, they are supposed to give you a complete overview of the role. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional information if you have questions or curiosities.

Duration: 1 week
Time required: 2-3 hours
What: If you pass the hiring manager interview, we will schedule additional video calls with different members of the Everli team, who usually will be internal stakeholders for your role. Depending on the specific position you applied for, you will have either 2 or 3 interviews during this step. The interviewers you will meet during the loop will ask you some behavioral questions to assess your fit to our company culture and values.
Pro tip: These interviews are the time where we really get the chance to know each other better: our primary goal here is to see if you can be a fit for our company in terms of values and soft skills, but you also should understand if Everli can be the right fit for you. The last part of each interview will be dedicated to your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask anything to your interviewer!

Duration: 1 week
What: All the people you met during the process (the hiring committee) have a debrief meeting to share and discuss their feedback regarding your interview, so that the hiring manager can make the final decision.
If the outcome is positive, we are going to call you for an offer to join our team. At this point, our HR team will assist you with everything you need for the onboarding. If the outcome is negative, we call you as well to give you proper feedback and we will share with you the reasons why we took this decision.

What: If you accept the offer and decide to join Everli, we will ask you to sign a letter of intent and then start our Onboarding process.
Before Day 0, you’ll receive a welcome email with all the necessary credentials (company email, Github, Slack, Jira & Confluence, …) and your onboarding plan, a document that guides you through your first two weeks in Everli. In addition to that, we will pair you with a buddy, someone in the company (not in your team!) who can help you become familiar with the processes, tools and the likes.

You can find more information on our onboarding initiatives in this article.

Are you brave enough to take the challenge? Then have a look at our current job openings!

Frequently Asked Questions

During our interviews, especially the last ones, we will ask you different behavioural questions to assess your fit with our company’s culture. We expect you to answer these questions by telling us personal examples of what you did in specific situations during your current or past work experiences.
We are not interested in big or fancy problems or in what your colleagues did. We just want to know what you personally did: usually, good answers involve statements like:

  • “The problem was…”
  • “I was supposed to do…”
  • “Then I did…”
  • “In the end, I achieved these results…”

You can have a look at the STAR framework to be properly prepared to answer our behavioural questions.

We consider applications from any country. Since we are a remote-first company, we do not always work in the same space, but we try to work during the same time. This means that colleagues living in Europe will have a good overlap between the different time zones, which basically allows for a better fit between the needs of the candidate and the company and makes collaboration easier.
It depends on several factors, such as where you live: if you are living in Italy, Poland, France, Czech Republic or in any other country in which we have a legal entity, we will hire you with an employee contract. In any case, our goal is to find the most suitable solution for the company and the candidate.

Due to the high number of applicants, we can’t provide detailed feedback to everyone. If you reached at least the task or the hiring manager steps in our pipeline, we are committed to give you written feedback (i.e.: email).
On the other hand, if you reach the interview loop final stage, you’ll receive a phone or video call invitation so that we can share with you more detailed feedback on your interviews.

Yes, absolutely!
First of all, our offices are always open, even for fully remote employees. Most importantly, we meet together at least once per year, during our offsite retreats.
Offsites are very important moments, because they give additional fuel to our team bonding! That’s why we spend a few days together, doing team building and fun activities (such as go-kart races, sports, hackathons, etc).