Supermercato24 announces its rebranding, becoming Everli.

Supermercato24, Italy’s leading marketplace for online shopping, officially announces its new name, Everli.  This is the culmination of a large rebranding and repositioning project.

The choice of changing a well-known name in the Italian market is primarily driven by an international expansion strategy, with the precise intention to widen the company’s offer after last year’s extensive growth.

Everli answers the need of an international name and brand, easy to remember for both Italians and non-Italians, a name that can immediately evoke the benefits of its service: not just a useful tool to save time, but a smart solution that helps clients live a more peaceful life and which reduces grocery shopping complexities for customers, shoppers, and business partners.

Having more-than-doubled its revenue and tripled its active user base compared to 2019, this fast-growing Italian company is the first European e-grocery marketplace to expand internationally, with the acquisition of the Polish Szopi and the subsequent launch of its service in Poland. Following this important step, the service will be provided to other European markets by the end of the year.

The expansion strategy will not be merely geographical: Everli knows the trends of a market that is constantly evolving and it aims to extend its services to increasingly diversified and heterogeneous partners, brands, and clients.

“It is an important change, but it is also a natural step forward for a constantly growing and evolving reality: we want to become a leading brand for the European marketplace, with a name that is easy to remember and instills a sense of calm in those who read it, what English speakers call ‘Peace of mind’ – said Federico Sargenti, Everli’s CEO  – “Just think about the huge shift towards online grocery shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic, this is no longer just about convenience, it is a necessary solution to eliminate complexities inside a market that has huge growth potential. Our model makes us a digital leader for both retailers and brands; we’ve already got some A-level retailers among ours. With Everli we want to further expand our international network in order to provide a wider and more complete service to every single person involved: shoppers, customers, partners”

Innovation will not stop at the brand personality, but will include new product features aimed at satisfying customers with a faster, safer, and more convenient user experience: from the possibility of constantly monitoring the status of their order and payment, to greater control over any product replacement, and even the possibility of modifying the cart a few minutes after completing the order. Shoppers will be even more qualified and will be provided with a new kit and bags that are more effective for storing cold and frozen goods.

Thanks to a highly-developed technology, a community of qualified shoppers (more than 1700), a wide network of partnerships with the brand industry (more than 70) and with the main large-scale retailers (more than 25), Everli’s reach is vast and diffused.

The service covers small towns and low-density areas, places where online shopping services are still rare, thus offering an extensive business potential. Today, Everli is online in 50 Italian provinces and 12 Polish cities.


Everli is on a mission to help people achieve peace of mind, simplifying life when shopping for groceries. No more queuing, no more parking, no more carrying heavy weights: Everli’s dream is to bring only the good part of grocery shopping, directly at home. 

We’re in this since 2014 and we’re now the main European e-grocery marketplace. Headquartered in Milan, with offices also in Verona and Warsaw, our team has grown to more than 200 people and we’ve created more than 100 partnerships with retailers and CPG companies, serving more than 70 provinces around Europe and having delivered groceries more than 3 million times. 

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