How Everli sets up remote employees for success on day one

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As a remote-first company, the Everli team knows how important it is to make our team members feel welcome from day one. Research tells us that a good onboarding experience can help retain employees for longer and keep everyone motivated. As a fast-growing company who has hired 118 new employees so far this year, it’s even more important that we pay extra attention to this process.

So, how do we onboard employees remotely, the Everli way?

All new team members get a tailored onboarding plan

The first day in a new job can be a bit daunting. In fact, it’s almost like the adult version of going to a new school, but without mum or dad to make the snacks! There are new tech systems to get used to, new names to remember and so much information to process on day one. 

Remotely, it can be even more challenging to get to grips with this kind of information. That’s why we give everyone a fully personalised onboarding plan with agreed objectives for your first few weeks, a crystal clear overview of your role, and instructions on who to virtually meet with in the first weeks.

The goal is to give new employees a clear understanding of Everli as a company including the purpose and main tasks of each team. This helps to facilitate great teamwork across different departments and teams. By involving already onboarded and senior staff in this process, it also gives more established employees a better understanding of how other teams function as they grow and change over time.

Everyone gets a buddy

That’s right, you get your new remote work BFF from day one. Your buddy is not your manager but will be another Everli employee, often from a different team. They will show you the ropes and also give you a chance to learn about a department outside of your own. 

Everli buddies do not mind answering any question you can throw at them, no matter how mundane or how many times you need to ask. Our buddies can act as a guide not only to help you with basic admin information, but also to help you understand how we get things done culturally. With the help of your buddy, you’ll settle in to your new role in no time.

HR welcome meetings

All new joiners are invited to a virtual welcome meeting on day one. Here, the team will take you through all the practical information you need to know including benefits, perks, where to find things and more.

So as not to overwhelm you on your first day, they will also meet with you over the first few weeks to give you an overview of other initiatives you can benefit from, like our Internal Mobility process and Employee Referral Program.

Be a shopper for a day

While we are a remote-first company, we do look for regular opportunities to meet up physically such as at events or experiences. For example, if you’re based in a country where our business is live, then you can sign up for our brilliant ‘Shopper for a Day’ experience.

Becoming a shopper for a day means you’ll receive a real order, you’ll then go to the store to fulfil their order and deliver the groceries to the customer. It’s a really fun challenge and an integral part of our onboarding experience. 

It is vital for our office employees to understand and test our product, to go out and see what it is really like to be a shopper and meet some of our customers. We ask everyone who participates to give feedback internally to help us understand how we can make improvements for the customers or shoppers. So, prepare to put on a shopper uniform and get busy in those supermarket aisles!

everli shop

Spruce up your home office

Everli has a number of great perks for our remote workers, including a budget of €400 to bling up your workstation. We want you to use this on anything that makes you feel happy and healthy and raring to go. Most of our employees use it on things like a super-comfy chair, monitors or keyboards. 

everli smart working
everli smart working

The start of something beautiful

They say a good start is half the battle, and as a remote-first company, we believe that providing a useful and supportive onboarding process sets the foundation for a strong future.

If you’d like to be part of the Everli adventure, check out our open positions here.