How Everli for Good is supporting our team and consumers affected by the Ukraine war


As Russia carries out an invasion of Ukraine, Everli has been listening to our employees, Shoppers and consumers about what we can do as a company to support them. We have been overwhelmed by the energy and determination from our team members who have come up with ideas about how we can help. The initiatives are coordinated by our Everli For Good team, a volunteer committee of employees based in different countries and teams who find ways to make a difference with actions that support those who need it the most. 

While we don’t operate directly in Ukraine, we employ some Ukrainian employees. We also operate in Poland, Ukraine’s neighbour, which has recently welcomed an influx of refugees. 

Here are four ways Everli is supporting those affected by the war in Ukraine via Everli for Good.

  1. We’re offering support directly to impacted employees. We have a small number of Ukrainian employees. We also have team members with family links. Our people team are offering each of these people direct support depending on their case.
  2. We’re using our platform’s reach to support the Red Cross. We have a large number of daily visitors to our platform, and a CRM database of 1m+ eligible people across our markets. We will be lending that platform and reach to the Red Cross to help raise awareness of their dedicated efforts to support providing food and water to those impacted. Dedicated banners will also be provided within parts of our product, providing links to how customers can directly donate. 
  3. We’re supporting Shoppers and employees with loved ones in danger. If a Shopper or employee knows of someone who needs help in Ukraine, we will use our social media platforms to help connect them with someone who can assist. Some of our Shoppers operating in Poland are Ukraine nationals or have family there; we will be working personally with them to provide support.
  4. We’re trying to make life a little easier for consumers in Poland. We know many of our employees and customers are doing so much right now in Poland to support the incoming refugees, and will look to show our solidarity to them by making their lives a little easier in any way we can. We will be offering some of our customers free delivery for the next couple of weeks so they can spend more on essential food and less on delivery.
  5. We’re giving all of our employees paid time off for volunteering. We are proud that many colleagues are currently volunteering and actively participating in their countries, cities, and communities, giving up their free time to support initiatives. All employees have been given the opportunity to take a paid volunteer day in March. 

Thank you to all of our employees and Shoppers who have worked so quickly to find ways we can begin to support. We will continue to assess the situation and see how we can continue to help.