Everlifest 2021: Shooting for the Moon in Montepulciano!

everli montepulciano


  1. an extremely ambitious project or mission undertaken to achieve a monumental goal.
  2. the stellar theme of this year’s Everlifest; a three-day offsite event for Everli employees.

Everlifest has been a long time coming, 706 days to be precise. The last time Everli employees met in person was many ‘moons’ ago, and so much has happened in that time; we changed our name, launched in France, Poland, Czechia, and Italy, announced Germany and Romania, hired 158 new colleagues, delivered 2.1 million orders (what!), and implemented lots of new, amazing company benefits.

With so much to catch up on, it was high time we got together for three days of connection, recognition, inspiration, and – most importantly – a whole load of fun. Get ready for lift-off (and a lot more ‘space’ puns) as we take you through the Everlifest journey, one giant leap at a time.

Everlifest: An Event That Was Out of This World

Our plan for the offsite event was essentially to take over an entire Italian village, no big deal.*

(*actually it was a huge deal, it took Sara Pinello and a whole host of supportive colleagues four gruelling months to organise. True heroes.)

Around 260 employees travelled from all over Europe and touched down in the medieval hilltop town of Montepulciano to enjoy an experience that CEO Federico Sargenti described as “a much needed opportunity to celebrate, recognise, and thank the team, as well as get everyone energised and inspired for an ambitious year ahead.”

Everyone at the event stayed in accommodation at the heart of the historical town centre, and having so many adventurous Everli colleagues descend on Montepulciano in November provided a great boost to the local economy (which is not surprising considering we were all given a free budget to spend in the local bars, shops, and wine cellars!).

There were traditional dinners planned, local wines consumed, dancing, spas, cooking classes, wine tasting, and more. We all had so much fun getting to know each other whilst experiencing the rich local culture within such beautiful surroundings.

foto gruppo EVERLI

Recognising Our Proud Pioneers

Just as it was important to have fun and really connect with each other during Everlifest, it was also essential to recognise the hard work of our colleagues over the past couple of years, and to share our vision for the future. 

A day was dedicated to an immersive company-wide conference held at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, the morning of which was all about last year’s journey. We celebrated our successes and handed out well-deserved awards to colleagues who went to infinity and beyond for Everli. 

When you see the growth in numbers in front of your eyes; from new hires, to shopper deliveries, the success of our ‘Delivered With Love’ campaign, and so much more; it really hits home just how much we have accomplished together as a team in such a short space of time.

In the afternoon it was time to look to the future. To get our motivational juices flowing, we were treated to a panel of stellar guests, each a master of their own different trades. The impressive line-up included: 

  • Gregoire Kaufman, Verlinvest advisor (and master of card tricks).
  • Francesco Sommariva, Head of Growth at Tik Tok.
  • Federico Feroldi, Head of innovative Digital Trust Solutions.
  • Simone Sallustio, an Everli board member and Verlinvest representative.

A Triumphant Return to Earth

Considering Everlifest was almost as ambitious as our business goals, it really was an incredible achievement. And just like Everli’s success over the past year, it wouldn’t have been possible without teamwork. So, now that we’ve landed back on Earth, it’s time to tie your spacesuit around your waist and walk in slow motion across the tarmac towards the future. We can’t wait to see where the Everli journey will take us next.