Everli relies on franprix to deploy its personal shopper service in Paris and Lyon

Everli relies on franprix

Customers can now entrust their grocery shopping to a personal shopper and have it delivered from selected  franprix stores in Paris and Lyon.

Everli, Europe’s leading grocery marketplace, teams up with franprix to offer its users even more choice and to provide access to its unique personal shopper service to franprix’s clients. 

Everli customers will be able to shop online at franprix and specify to a personal shopper what they want (a well-baked baguette, a ripe avocado, etc.). Once in the shop, the personal shopper will carefully select the products and deliver them within two hours. 

This tailor-made service is available in selected franprix stores in yon and in the Paris suburbs and will be extended by the end of the month to the center of Paris and to other cities such as Marseille.

How does Everli work?

A quick and easy service:        

  1. The users download the Everli application or go to the everli.fr website

  2. They select a franprix store and specify their delivery slot

  3. They do their shopping online, accessing almost the entire store’s offer as well as exclusive promotions, giving precise instructions to the personal shopper as needed.

  4. The order is then received by an Everli Shopper who goes to the chosen shop to carefully select the products ordered by the customer. The personal shopper can even call the customer to agree on a substitute if it is no longer available in the shop.

  5. The shopping is delivered to the address and time slot requested. 

Federico Sargenti, CEO of Everli comments: “Everli aims to give customers peace of mind when shopping. We offer access to the brands and products that French consumers love, at competitive prices and delivered the same day by our personal shoppers. By adding franprix to our offering in France, we are able to offer even more choice to our customers especially in city centers where franprix is a key player.” 

“This partnership with Everli allows us to complete our omnichannel solutions and develop the service vision of our local e-commerce. We offer our customers access to a new, much more personalized experience of fast delivery. ” declares Laurent Rapoport, franprix marketing and digital director.