Everli Employees Share Their Smartway Workation Adventures

In November 2021, Everli joined forces with Smartway, a company that facilitates workations from amazing places in Italy:

“We offer workation solutions that are tailored for employees’ productivity and mental/ physical wellbeing in cherry-picked authentic small towns where our Town Angels empower a community based ecosystem.”

The recent rise in demand for remote-friendly initiatives means that it’s now easier than ever for businesses to provide the best working environment for their employees and since we teamed up with Smartway, Everli employees have already begun using their workation packages. Here, Rosaria De Marte and Annalisa Bano share their Sicilian adventures with us!

Rosaria De Marte – HR Admin Lead 


I decided to use the Everli work-life budget benefit and in February this year I travelled to the town of Sciacca, in Sicily, for a week. Having the opportunity to combine work with a vacation was a wonderful experience and it was exciting to discover a fantastic new place.

Smartway’s “Town Angel” helped me to organise my workation before I left home. She helped to find the perfect accommodation that took into account my preference to be within close distance of the sea and the town itself.

The house was really comfortable, the wi-fi was super-fast and there was a place in the garden where I could work under the Sicilian sun and breathe in the scent of orange trees. It was such a peaceful place where I could really concentrate and work well. Inside I had everything I needed to feel at home, even a washing machine for my clothes which was super useful.

The Town Angel gave me such a warm welcome and took me on a quick tour of the city so that I could get an idea of the main attractions and the ways I could get acquainted with the culture, not only as a tourist, but as a local. She also organised experiences with the residents of the town so I could experience the real culture of the place which really made me feel like a temporary citizen of Sciacca!

I met with a local coral artisan, for example, and it was amazing. I learned all the history and legends which gave me a new-found appreciation of coral work, its beauty and the tradition that it is steeped in.

My wonderful Sicilian experience allowed me to work from an amazing place, a place that was a welcome change of scenery from home and somewhere that I don’t think I would have thought about spending so much time in had I not had this opportunity. I think the workation benefit is a great initiative in terms of the overall wellbeing of employees and it’s one that I really appreciate.

Equally as important is its value to the local community. It’s a big opportunity for them to make themselves known, to promote themselves and enhance the local economy.

Annalisa Bano – Illustration & Motion Designer


April this year, I also travelled to Sciacca. I love to travel, so to me, this was an absolutely amazing opportunity. It was so immersive emotionally, I really loved getting to know the local people and I embraced the Sciacca tradition wholeheartedly.

The workation benefit is such a strong tool that enables an employee to break the routine, increase their motivation, embrace new challenges and learn new things (both practically, and also about themselves).

In truth, I feel very lucky to work for Everli because there are such great flexibility and wellbeing initiatives like the one I experienced in the beautiful Sciacca. I highly recommend workations to everyone!

Where will your Everli adventure take you?

As one of the early adopters of remote working, flexibility and wellbeing in the workplace has always been important at Everli, and we’re excited to see this movement grow. If you’re looking for a flexible, fast-growing and fun place to invest your talents, check out our careers page for all the latest vacancies.