Celebrating our Shoppers: The Stars of Service

We consider our Shoppers to be our Stars of Service. We have a network of over 3000 individuals who lovingly take care of grocery shopping for families across Italy, Poland, France and Czech Republic. They spend hours each week in the grocery aisles of Europe so our customers don’t have to. Their task is to hand-pick items with care and attention, and deliver them right on time to our customers’ doorstep – with a smile!

We recently celebrated Shopper Day, a day especially dedicated to our stars. We asked our customers to tell us about their favourite Shopper and why. We soon received hundreds of lovely messages all about professional service, smiles, small gestures of love, care and empathy.

Just some of the comments we received from our customers were:

“She is kind and careful about everything. Thanks for the professionalism with which you carry out your work! You’re always kind, and careful to choose the products I order! Precise and punctual!”

“I have known him for 5 years and he has always been courteous, reliable and very careful when doing my shopping. Thanks, when I see that the shopping will be done by you I am happy because I know that everything will be OK and, it is always a pleasure to see you again.”

“She understands me immediately. She knows my favourite products and makes substitutions that she knows will definitely suit me. She is committed to having everything on my list. I would always like her as my Shopper! You are truly a WONDERFUL SHOPPER. By now you understand me; when you call for replacements you understand what I need. You go out of your way to find everything I need. And above all you are really very kind and very sweet. I thank you for everything!”

Thanks to all our customers who trust us for their family grocery shopping and to those who shared a message with us. It made us very happy to read your feedback. And, more than ever: thank you, Shoppers.

If you’re interested in signing up as a Shopper with Everli please go to www.about.everli.com/become-a-shopper