Inside Everli: An Interview with Marketing Manager, Magda Rzepka.

Magda joined Everli back in summer 2020 as the marketing manager for Poland and she’s here to share her experience with us; from the insatiable hunger for customer motivation that drove her into online marketing, as well as her favourite Everli surprises, and the delightful reason why the humble jacket is more significant than you think.

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Then and Now

Then and Now: An Interview With Everli’s First Ever Employee

You know they’ve been with the company a while when their email address doesn’t include a surname, but in Manuel’s case, not only were there no other Manuels, there were no other employees! Manuel was Everli’s first ever hire and, seven years on, he’s still here, having gone from shopper to the Northeast Operations Area Manager for Italy. He’s sharing his Everli journey with us, which includes change, growth, and accidentally causing havoc in Rome.

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Celebrating our Shoppers: The Stars of Service

We consider our Shoppers to be our Stars of Service. We have a network of over 3000 individuals who lovingly take care of grocery shopping for families across Italy, Poland, France and Czech Republic. They spend hours each week in the grocery aisles of Europe so our customers don’t have to. Their task is to hand-pick items with care and attention, and deliver them right on time to our customers’ doorstep - with a smile!

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inclusive workplace-everli

How to build an inclusive workplace for LGBTQIA+ people​

What exactly do we mean when we talk about “workplace diversity and inclusion for the LGBTQIA+ community”? It is an interesting question, and one we set about answering today in a dedicated workshop for all employees at Everli, as we kick off our diversity and inclusion roadmap planning. The event was initiated by our Everli For Good Committee (our internal program to promote initiatives and actions that can have a positive impact on the communities we operate in).

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Back to Work After Baby: An interview with Everli’s Head of Operations for Poland

Returning to work after having a baby can be a daunting prospect: Will I still be able to perform in my role? Will my child feel abandoned? What about breastfeeding, childcare, workload, logistics? Martyna Wojas, Everli’s Head of Operations in Poland, has just returned from her maternity leave and shares her experience of returning to Everli after having her first baby - and we’re glad to have her back!

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annalisa Rosaria

Everli Employees Share Their Smartway Workation Adventures

In November 2021, Everli joined forces with Smartway, a company that facilitates workations from amazing places in Italy: “We offer workation solutions that are tailored for employees’ productivity and mental/ physical wellbeing in cherry-picked authentic small towns where our Town Angels empower a community based ecosystem.” The recent rise in demand for remote-friendly initiatives means that it’s now easier than ever for businesses to provide the best working environment for their employees and since we teamed up with Smartway, Everli employees ...

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